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i will always love you no matter what happens. you are the world to me and no one can ever replace you. you'll always be mine and nobody can ever change that. i never want to lose you, without you I'm nothing, I'd be lost without you. i can't imagine life without you at all. the more i think about it, the more scared i get of losing you. never will i ever hurt you in anyway. if i hurt you, it'd hurt me too. you mean everything to me and i cant ever lose you. i love you with all my heart and i always will, forever and ever. we may be young, but i know that what we have is real, its love. ever since i met you i knew we'd have something, but i would of never thought that we would be like this. everyday i fear of losing you. you're everything I've always wanted and more, and i will never let go of you. you're my everything. the only person I'd be with other than you, is god, because without you, I'd be dead. i love you so much, always and forever.
Anonymous asked: Vielleicht ist man kein yologirl, aber mal ernsthaft. Mit 12/13 Sex haben? Wahre liebe? Ja? Ehrlich?


sterblicheseele asked: Anonym du hässlon, du kannst doch nicht 10 mit 14 Jahren vergleichen?!?!??! Außerdem man darf mit 14 SEX haben you know? Also schnauze.

brauchst nicht gleich beleidigend werden und idk

Anonymous asked: Nur weil man früh sex hat, ist man nicht gleich irgendsoein yologirl.


Anonymous asked: Juckt das die Gesellschaft bald schon mit 10 Sex hat. #aberistjayolo



one of the hardest thing with depression is when nobody knows that you’re dealing with depression and you just have to act normal. And people think you have no reason for not being okay.

sterblicheseele asked: lol könnt sogar 12 sein juckt? #anon

Anonymous asked: Lieblings Lied ?

i lose myself

inhaftiert asked: nööööh bist voll hesliq


einsam-und-doch-nicht-einsam asked: bin auch noch jungfrau und bin enn mann und älter wie ihr. warte halt auf die richtige.